Saturday, 16 January 2016

January 2016


Happy New Year!Hope you've had a nice start of 2016. :)

Today 15/01/2016  half of the month has been gone. For me, too many things happened within that period. Oh this year we didn't go anywhere, no fireworks no new year dinner like previously we always did. On January 1, Ammara and I were in Terengganu visited my family as my dad rindu bangat sama Ammara. Well, always be the same reasons to force us to go back tho :) I'm fine with it just my hubs cannot join us as he already had his plan on the New Year eve. 010116 I just realised that my period was 1 week due and I'm so excited to buy pregnancy test. Urm no, not me but my hubs the one who forced me to buy!haha. Then I bought the expensive one, not really la clear blue brand which costed RM30 kot. Wow! this is first time aku beli mahal punye weh. Then tadaa~the result was positive! I texted my hubs and he was super excited. Me? owh i dunno why but I'm too nervous and takut? Yes. Entah. Well, awal lagi tapi macam2 dah bermain dalam kepala otak ni. But syukur Alhamdullilah kalau diberi rezeki. Seriously that was unexpected and sangat tiba2 wehh. Ok, relax sudah ni bukan first time, second time kot kenapa aku nervous sangat kan. haha

Then on Monday January 4, I took MC as I'm not feeling well, nausea? yes! then muntah sakit perut bagai. Pagi tu we went to Klinik Sofea, Puchong to do ultrasound and just to confirm again with the doctor. Doc did scan but she said she cannot see anything in my uterus yet then she asked me to do urine test, again the result was positive. Am happy but a little bit worried because cannot see via ultrasound and doc did mentioned maybe it's too early and asked us to come back for the next scan end of this month. From the calculation my pregnancy on that time was about 5 weeks! 

A week after the day I did home pregnancy test, January 8, I spotted a brown/bleeding while at work. Am felt nervous and I went to the nearby clinic to have a quick check. The doc said she can still saw the 'kantung' inside my uterus and she said the baby was okay. What a relief! Then doc asked me to buy duphaston ubat kuatkan rahim. Yes, I did.

Saturday and Sunday still bleeding, owh macam datang period ok. Seriously aku tak rasa sakit or whatever and still can hang out to shopping mall and did some groceries shopping. But on Sunday aku rasa lain macam tak puas hati doc check aritu then ajak my hubs pergi Klinik Ajwa, Shah Alam. Sampai sana doc did ultrasound/scan dan cakap tak nampak pape dalam uterus aku. Pastu doc buat urine test and same-positive. The doctor told me that she worried it could be ectopic pregnancy coz scan tak nampak. Doc tu buat letter dan suruh aku refer hospital. 

Monday, January 10, Aku ke Hospital Putrajaya dan doc kat sana buat vaginal scan. Orang cakap itu memang lagi tepatlah. Tapi still doc cakap die tak nampak apa2 dalam uterus aku. Erm confius jugak lepas tu die buat urine test nad surprisingly it was negative! Aku fikir mungkin bleeding tu dah menyebabkan semua benda terkeluar habis kot. Aku redha. Tapi still doc tu nak pastikan aku sihat sepenuhmya then dia buat blood test. Lepas 3 x berulang alik ke Putrajaya-result? Yeah, I am free from any pregnancy, no octopic and etc. Means aku miscarriage at week 6. Seriously, seminggu jer aku sempat hadap loya2, pening, letih macam orang mengandung then secara drustik all gone. 

Pengalaman? Aku tak tahu nak cakap macamana sebab benda tu sekelip mata je berlaku. Aku tak rasa sakit, lemau or whatever. Rasa biasa2 aje. Mungkin sebab ia terlalu awal? Mungkin. Kami redha mungkin ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. Nasihat aku, kalau dah tahu pregnant sila extra careful dan jangan buat kerja berat2, hindari stress. Macam aku ni hentam jer semua sebab konon anak first aritu kuat jer. haish! Then kalau spotting or whatever terus pergi hospital jangan pergi ke klinik ye.  Sekian. 

First family picture-2016

p/s: Azam paling atas tahun ini adalah nak kurus, nak fit, nak sihat dan cergas! :)

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