Thursday, 15 November 2012

Today is holiday


Salam Maal Hijrah 1434. New year, new book new hopes..

It has been so long since my last post here. Why? it is not because i have no time to blogging but i have no mood and just love to blogwalking jew. I think i need to buy a small table with a cute chair to put in my small room so that i can catch up with my lappy with more comfortable. Then, i can do blogging 3-4 times a week mayb?:D

So recently I have so many things to think of. Especially about my life and my work. Alhamdulillah thank to Him for the rezeki that He gave to me. Just love the simple of my life that i go through now. Go to work, got nice sleep, having fun with my love and friends, go to gym, window shopping and reading my favourite novels. Awesome kan? But now i'm still looking for a new job that can give me a full satisfaction. But I believe, the rezeki must be somewhere and we need to work hard and pray for it. InshaAllah.

New year, new beginning. I don't know whether I'm ready or not for the next step of my life. Being a single and available still rock in my mind.haha! I'm already 24 but with the environment and also the way my parents treat me i always think that i'm 19 or 20's. :p Done with school,got job and get ready for a new life? Yes, most of my friends now keep work hard and start saving money to build a better life and get married to someone they loved. Same goes to me. At our age now, most all peoples around love to talk about married and babies!auuww. Gosh! I still remember when i were in university, i always told my self that i want to get married early and be a hot mama at a young age.haha. But now, it's totally different! Now,we will think more matured and be more patience towards this things. Plan for your better future and just pray to Him, The Creator. He knows the best. 

These r the random pictures i took from my Jane.*tetibe bg nm omputeh kat hp sndiri* >_< br ade clazzz

on his convocation day~3 Nov

Hey Dude!i'm happy for u!

enjoy having good foods~7 Nov

Stay fit~ 6 Nov

mini potluck at office~ 9 Nov *look at my home made sandwich yg dapat pujian melambong*shy#

*speaking Londong yg x bape nok Londong sangatlah.practice makes perfect* hehe.

Ok, bye.

p/s : Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world, Tg Aimanfaizal Tg Abdullah. May ALLAH Bless u and wish u all the best in your life and future. Love u lotss baby! =*