Saturday, 28 February 2009

"no title"

at bus stand..
Hi ppls..i don't know how to start my story actually..huhu ok,let's get started..
the story begins..yesterday,i woke up early in the morning and after prayer i just sat on the sofa at my living room and started to think.."nak p jupe kumi ke xmboh" ermmm then after a long time thinking i took my hp and sms my friend dni and asked her whether she will go to see kumi or not..then she said she can't go because her car not with her on that day..I dont know what should i do..i want to see kumi but i don't know how to go mother's car not at home,,just my father's car was at home and he asked me to take his car and i quickly said "no la ayh..time kaseh jer.." huhu..actually i never drive 4x4 transport in a long i can't..
around 10.30am i received a call from my mom and she lend me her car to go there..then i took a bath n rushed to hospital to take the car from my mom and drove to UDM..luckily, we still can saw kumi even it was quite late about 20 minutes..(sorry sir) took dinie first at her home then rushed to UDM..
after met kumi me,tiha n dini had our lunch together at marina restaurant in front of KUSZA mosque..the foods were very expensive!!!giler siot!!!(tobat xmboh mkn doh c2)huhuhu..
after lunch and sent tiha to campus i drove to Kuala berang (my home) with dnie because she wanted to go to ekspo there..she bought 3 shawls there..huhuu because very2 cheap and then i sent her to the bus stand...
it was the first time i think dini take taxi to back home..hahaha congrate darl!!!


Who Am I...?? said...

Rindunya kt SAYANG sorg ni... =)

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

hi bucUk,,
Rindu kamu jugak dong..=)