Tuesday, 13 June 2017

FamilyTrip2016 : Brastagi, Danau Toba & Medan

Salam 18 Ramadan.

Entry dah peram lama. haha.

My first overseas trip with the whole family turned out smooth and very well. Honestly we just plan this less than 3 weeks. Since my brother had a long school break and wanted to go somewhere with all the family members, i randomly check the flight tix and see where we can go. As usually all the flight tix were so expensive during the school break however I am so lucky as I got the reasonable price to fly to Medan! Yes, we went to Medan, Indonesia. This is just a perfect place for the entire family as there are places for sightseeing and also for shopping!(mom always choose the place that she can do some shopping as well when travelling.sigh!)

So within 3 weeks I did all the hotel booking, purchase flight tix and create the itinerary. Yes, when you bring the entire family to travel you must have a proper itinerary ok, tak boleh main redah jer. Then I have to survey any places to eat and to shop. Luckily one of hubby friend suggested a tour guide for us which is one of the Malaysia student who is studying there. Thank God! Easy for me as he planned everything and we olls sediakan cash aje.

Thank you semua, semoga berkesempatan untuk bercuti lagi this year. 


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