Thursday, 18 June 2015

Work Trip-Beijing Part 1

 Salam 1 Ramadhan!

My Beijing trip was a month ago in May. I'm not going there for a holiday of course, not really need to go abroad for holiday as I need to increase my saving for future life. My motto is easy 'no money no talk no holiday' :) I was in Beijing for work actually, yes I'm now working with an international organization involve in broadcasting. So this organization will held a meeting twice a year, and of course lah abroad nama pon international organization kan so I took this opportunity with a big smile! Work plus cuci mata kat negara orang. Before the meeting kick off my routine is so busy and hectic gila. I went back home at 7@8pm everyday to make sure everything in order. Since we are the one who organise this meeting and conference so we have a lot of work to settle and to be done. And this is killing me enough when I know my department staff/colleagues is only 4 of us included my director okay. You can imagine how we handle this such of workloads. Luckily we  have a host like CCTV which is such a big public broadcaster in China who help us  a lot in logistic and preparation on that event. They set up everything from there and we just only communicate through emails or phone only. FYI, this is quite tough for me since I've been working here only for 4 months and this is my first event that I'm attending and I have to handle.:(

However everything went well and my director was very happy with the outcome. I also bring my husband to accompany since he's also free at that time. He just need to pay for his flight ticket and the rest are provided. Thank you to all my team mates/ colleagues yang super duper sporting. :) I think I just like a superwomen coz have to work with 3 men who has different background and cultures, can you imagine?huh. Alhamdulillah i can manage well. My colleagues came from Bhutan, China, India and also Korea. I loike coz I can improve my English since all of us have to communicate in English. Even they are about 2/3 years living in Kuala Lumpur but they know nothing/single word in bahasa till now. So I have to improve my English, lantaklah kan as long as diaorang faham.kihkih

Stop talking, let's discover the photos :

 Confuse cakap pergi China tapi snap pic dollars,hehe! Company aku bagi duit poket in USD so Yuan tu duit tukar sendiri.

 Flight awal pagi so memang agak rabak mata di situ. 

we fly Cathay Pacific and the service not bad..3 star!

 Serius aku nampak gemuk gile, hmm but please note this pic was taken a month ago and now I'm totally different. ececce :p

 at Hong Kong airport (transit)- best gile wifi sini laju macam bullet train. heh? dan agak canggih for me yang jakun ini.

 Ketibaan di sambut oleh CCTV staff, they provide airport transfer for us and they are so nice siap ade name board lagi kot.:)

 And..this is our home for 5 days 4 nights :) before the storm..huhu
Kerry Hotel, Beijing.

The venue- Kerry Hotel Grand Ballroom



Day 4

 Day 5
 my husband really enjoy the hospitality and facilities in the hotel. He went to gym everyday, layan jakuzi bagai, swimming and so on. Aku jer yang tak dapat menikmati semua tu. Balik bilik tidur jer. 

Group photo

 Last day of meeting had dinner with my director and his family, my boss is from Beijing and his home just nearby the conference hotel. His wife is so nice and friendly (the one with cap). 

Ok, bye. will be continued..

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