Saturday, 17 January 2015

January : Shopping madness

Assalamualaikum and Happy Weekend!

Today will be my last weekend as a full time housewife. Seriously I'm so nervous to face Monday where I'll start working with a new atmosphere, new colleagues, new task and also new me. So, two days ago we went to a few shopping malls nearby home and did some shopping especially for my work attires. 

Since I gained weight after gave birth, my size also changed! I can't even wear my old clothes any more, just some of them can fits me  like skirts and loose blouses. So I've no choice except buy the new ones. After several visit to malls I managed to find something nice and affordable. Lucky me there still got SALE now.

I managed to get this electric BP, dah desperate sangat baru beli. Yeah, I have to sebab nak tinggal baby dah kan even my baby refuses bottle.*nanges mak*
 Before this I just using manual BP from Avent, pump pon just untuk kurangkan bengkak susu not keep them in any storage bottles or packages coz I love direct bf to my baby. Sekarang tak sangka pulak dapat offer kerja tiba2, rezeki tak kira masa dan tempat! Am I right? Alhamdulillah.

Bought this from onlineshop at super cheap price and I got all of these includes cooler bag. Awesome! This brand is quite cheap compare to others. Before buying this I read all the testimonies and some reviews from blogs, they said this brand is the best even murah. Nanti dah try baru boleh cerita panjang.hehe.

Snow Bear Electric Breast Pump

Here we go..
Check-list :
-plain blouses
-printed blouses
-flat shoes
-basic pant
-pleated skirt
-palazzo pant
-NYX soft matte lip cream

*am still searching for new handbag which are huge, smart,elegant sebab nak bawak pergi office da yang huge mudah letak semua barang dalam tu termasuk bp, mineral water and so on.hehe*

My best shopping partner ever! Tq husband tolong jaga anak! lepas ni nak beli jugak ringsling Jumpsac tu senang nak shopping sambil dukung anak..:)


p/s : shop till drop..memang 2 hari berturut2 ke shopping malls cari itu ini. nak pingsan ok. Nasib husband jenis tak kesah dan layankan ajeee.. Blessed!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ammara at Little Spa Kingdom

A Salam

This is first time we bring our baby to this super cute baby spa. Baby pon sekarang dah ada spa bagai ok. Ni first time Ammara swimming and we olls as parents super excited nak tengok budak kecik ni berenang dengan gembira mana tak nya bab air nombor 1! Setiap kali mandi mesti tersengih je dalam bath tub die tu. So si papa nya bercadang nak bawak turun swimming pool kat rumah jer tapi aku cakap tak sesuai lagi lah sebab kiteorang bukannya tahu sangat preparation untuk bawak baby swimming kan, then aku survey dan googling jumpalah baby spa ni. Kiteorg booking dan terus terjah.hehe

Located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Enjoy the pics :)

ha, tengok..muka excited baby Ammara #3monthsold

ni view kat dalam spa tu. cantik and so colourful okay. Ammara dengan diperhatikan oleh papanya sedang menukar baju dan dipakaikan swimmer diaper oleh staff kat situ.

ni pool untuk baby 6 months above

pool macam ni untuk baby yang seangkatan dengan Ammara.hehe

tu dia...muka cuak first time masuk pool

masih nak sesuaikan diri la tu kot. masam jer..haha

 yeay, i can do it! seronok dah siap turn lagi okay.

okay dah setel semua nak balik dah..Ammara dah ngantuk ler tu.

Baby Spa ni best and super cool okay. Macam2 perkhidmatan yang disediakan untuk baby2 tak kira usia ada jugak yang umur 3 minggu dah jejak kaki kat spa ni. hebat bukan mak pak zaman sekarang. Sebelum swimming staff tu akan buat regangan sedikit untuk baby dan after swimming bolehlah massage dan sebagainya. Nak details just visit their website.

p/s: So, skrg dah tahu basic untuk ajar baby berenang, seminggu lepas tu papa Ammara duk kalut p beli neck ring dan swimmer diapers sebab nak bawak Ammara turun swimming kat rumah pulak. Haish, anak sulung ni mak pak sume excited nak try macam2 :)


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Great Start of 2015

As Salam

Alhamdulillah. 2015 just begins and still got chances to write here. This is my first entry of 2015 and i'm so excited to story everything here regarding what's happened in my happy life now. Am decided to write in English just to improve my grammar and yes, practise makes perfect right. Just ignore if there are so many grammatical errors as long as you can read and understand what am i going to story here. haha!

After delivered my first baby about 3 months ago I've decided to continue working and on my confinement period I start job hunting and apply all the vacancies that suits me. But after my baby is age 2 months I think I want to be full time housewife and take care of her till 6 months and of course I'm fully direct breastfeeding her until now. 

Suddenly about a week ago I got a phone call and invited for a interview session for a post that I think suits me and I'm very interested on that position and workplace. So I attended the interview session last week and successful to be their final candidate. So I went there for the second interview and Alhamdulillah I've been selected for that position. 

Now, I try to train my baby to use bottle (bottle-training) and I'm very disappointed with the progression! She totally reject the bottles! We bought so many types of teats and also rejected by her. I dunno how to send her to babysitter if she still reject the bottle, and this is a big problem to us. Am felt so bad because not train her early since newborn. I will start my new job next week so I just have a few days more to train her. :(

Ammara baby, please help mama! huhu

Ammaraaisya #day108

p/s : I have a lot of things to share here, but for this time being I think it's enough. Ammara already woke up. bye!