Tuesday, 31 March 2009

dinner nite..

Posing while waiting the bus

At GrandContinental Hotel


Occasion : TESL Annual Dinner 2009
Venue : Hotel Grand Continental
Theme : Professional (konon la..huhu)

This year plg xbes DINNER..kenapakah?
hnya teslians part IV yg ader jwpnnye..


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

One fine day..

Two days ago hang out with my beloved mum..our main point on that day was looking for my new clothes to attend TESLIAN ANNUAL DINNER 09..yuhuuu..
so, our ports on that day..:
☻ Noor Arfa Craft Centre (NACC)/Noor Arfa Batek
☻ Bus Stand BAzaar
☻ Mydin lama street..
☻ Sabasun Hypermarket..

*thanx mum 4 being patience accompany us to find all the things* THANX 4 my new clothes toO..
hOt2 day..hmmm...

Monday, 23 March 2009

Saturday Night..

Battle Of The Band 2009..

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Cantikkan kehidupan..

takeN or siNgle?

Actually single is the best way to live your life..Sometimes people said that theylove to be a single person but at the end of the day we still need someone to accompany us untill at the end of our life..right? so. don't be too hypocrite about this..Don't say that we don't need anyone in our life..think about it..
What is the MOST important thing in a relationship?
Trust is one of the essentials in any healthy relationship and is one of the building blocks that we cultivate over time..
Love is a long journey of care, TRUST and understanding each other..

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


wat is this???
Woke up early in the morning today just want to wash all my was sunny and it's the time..!!!
Bangun2 jer tido ak trus ambik selendang and took my laundry bawak turun kat bawah..dengan perasaan yg gembira giler nak membasuh..tgk2 washingmachine full booked la..huhu..then ak tggu la n tercongok sorg2 kat tangga tue..kat setengah jam tggu kat c2 tibe2 blackout..DAMN!! so baju bdk mn ntah yg ader kat dlm machine tue stop g2 jela..pdhal lg 5mint nk siap..germ gler ak..ermm xpela..ak pun naek bilik on9 jap smentara bdk tue setel die punye biler ak turun bawah tgk..baju still lam machine..germ gler beb!!pdhl electric dh ok..bdk maner nth yg bengap sgt..tbe2 hilang mood ak nk membasuh..uhuhu..nie dh dkt kul 10lbh ak xstel lg laundry..byk ag keje nk buat nie!!!
aaarrgghh..!!!sbnrnye ak sygkn cuaca yg panas dimane dpt mngeringkan bj ak ngn cepat..huhuuhu..
kalu ujn susah beb..!!oiii mangkuk..!!cptla setelkan ko punye bj tu..ko igt machine tue bapak ko punye ker!!! (germ dh nie)..hhaaiisshh!!!

label : patient

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I have to go back home or not?

Balik ke x? balik ke x? uhuhu...
Still thinking that I should go back home or not..ermm actually last week i'm already go back home and so surprise when i saw my home last week..huhu u noe wat it became small than before and we did not have any living room??hmm mak..mak..nk umh cantik pnye psl..hehe actually my house is under renovate mum la..asyk nk perabot br jer so my dad t'paksa add some space and built a new living room..(kg house so kecik ler)
Balik umah mggu lepas mmg agak meletihkan coz ak balik naek bus..besenye my dad or mum fetch me at hostel but on that day both of them quite busy with their work..tu la mak..kalu belikan kak long kete kan tak adalah kak long kene naek bus camni..uhuhu (lam ati jer)..umah mmg sunyi giler..yela, my bro xblk coz p camping so yg tggal di umah 2 juz me, my dad n my mum..three of us..=/ nak jd perkara yg mentensionkn ak adalah apabila ak sedr yg ak bwk balik laptop n broadband but ak t'tggl bateri and charger lptp kat hostel..daMn!! buat bert jer galas bag lptop..=/uhuu.. so hari2 yg berlalu kat umah mmg day, ak temankan mak p shopping,she needs to buy new shoes and handbag to go to Brunei and Sarawak..sume nak baru..iissshh3...
My mum's flight is today..she will go there about 1 week and just my dad alone at home..pity, i don't noe whether i must go back home or not..ermm hopefully my bro will back home this week to accompany my dad..
i have a lot of works to do here (hostel) and the MOST important thing is PROPA..uhuhu..
chaiyok2 jalilah!!!
date line to pass up PROPA just less than 4 weeks..(am i rite?) hmm..
so,,don't back home????

~darling..I NEED U..mis u..=)


haru biru.. Dataran Syahbandar
theme : black&white

Hang out with my friends is the best way for me to release my mind besides SHOPPING..uhuhu..
even there was rainy heavily on that day but we still happy and eager to hang out together and window shopping..
dat's my girls..

on our way to the town
me wit my dear tiha..
black belt only rm10 after less.. last i bought it..=)
let's mix&match
actually so excited to try this mini skirt..hehehe
how do i look?

label : happiness

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Sensation of a Soul..

Kenangan Terindah..(my feveret song)

Kenapa dalam hidup ini kita sering diuji dengan pelbagai perkara? ada yang menyedihkan dan ada juga yang menyakitkan. Kita seharusnya menjadi seorang yang tahu bersyukur dengan segala nikmat yang kita kecapi hari ini sejak kita azali hingga sedewasa ini.
Hari ini hari yang tak berapa nak indah bagi aku. Awal pagi aku bangun macam biasa..kelas arini bermula jam 8pg actually malas yang teramat sangat nak ke kelas coz aku taw aku tak akan dapat bagi full attension dalam kelas PAS (Pendidikan Alam Sekitar) tu. Bukan ape, pecayalah cakap aku yang kelas tue mmg bosan yang teramat..aku tak taw lah kenape..hmmm no komen la yang penting dalam malas2 aku sampai gak and duk tercongok dalam kelas tue..Alhamdulillah kelas berakhir awal pg td (septtnye jam10)..Then aku p lepak n makan2 kat cafe ngn kawan2 yang laen semntara tggu kelas yg seterusnya..aku sebenarnya agak berdebar kerana hari ni nak p interview (mode interview) kat madam zakiah..after class kauseling aku ngn yang laen2 bergerak cergas menuju ke bilik madam..hampir sejam menunggu apabila tiba giliran aku madam pun cakap "jalilah,ur appoinment with me on thursday rite?''..then i said "yes, madam but can i do it today?" then she said 'NO" aaarrrgghh!!! agak tension la aku time tue..igtkn leh setel da..hmmm=/ aku baru bajet nak balik umah ptg nie coz esok xdk clas..tapi terpaksa gak tggu utk intervw ari kamis ni..
Balik bilik mmg keadaan aku xbp nak ok dengan tension duit xdk coz aku terlebih belanja actually..huhu smpi lupe duit dinner xbyr ag,,huhuhu..duit poket aku dh habis ler...tertekan giler xtaw mane nak korek..hehehe then bile my love msg aku jaht sangat coz aku lepskn tekanan n rasa marh aku kat die..padahal aku marah kat diri aku, habislah segala hal aku ungkit..hmmm (teruk kn kn)..sori xb'mksud nk lepskn geram kat pa..juz tb2 jd mental problem sket..hahahaha..ptg td jln2 p pasar malm ngn my least dpt legakan tekanan yang aku alami..huhu..aku rasa bersalah yang amt sebenarnya kat my love..MAAF sgt2..after pulang dari pasar malam aku rs tenang+lega siket n leh jlnkn rutin cam bese..tapi aku mmg agak moody la arini sebenarnye...biler time2 gni ak mula fikir bukn2..isshhh..
huh..pent gler duk mngadp lptp nie..sakit belakg beb..xdk pape dh nk story..alhamdulillah everything dh setel..
so, ak leh tido ngn tenang n mimpi yg indah2..hehehe
Jika ALLAH memakbulkan doamu..maka Dia menyayangimu..
Jika ALLAH belum memakbulkannya,maka Dia sedang mengujimu..
JIka ALLAH tidak memakbulkannya maka ketahuilah bahawa Dia sebenarnya sedang merancang yang lebih baik untukmu..

check it out..

Hi there..nothing much to say actually..just a split of second..nothing to do so i post about this..all about fashion!!!
Even if you say you don't care about fashion and don't dress to make statement, you are making a statement (that you don't care about fashion)
Maximize your wardrobe and pay less for women's fashion -- clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories -- at the same time. Find online bargains, learn how to spot a deal and look great while wearing discount fashion.
p/s : Also try bundle/pre loved items..


Monday, 9 March 2009

mesti nOntoN..


Hi ppls..u should watch this movie..!!!
best giler..CONFIRM..=)

Some fight for power..
Some fight for us..

Selling the wistfulness is Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li, a tranquil concert pianist turned reluctant crimefighter when her adored father is abducted by a Bangkok baddie (Neal McDonough). Prodded by an epigram-loving kung fu master (Robin Shou), Chun-Li polishes her fan kick and fights to save Bangkok’s slum dwellers from the demolition plans of a powerful crime cartel. You could say she gives up her musical career to battle gentrification.

Trying to help are a darling Interpol cop (Chris Klein, aiming for De Niro but landing squarely on De Mornay) and a leather-clad detective (Moon Bloodgood) with gold handcuffs, which she stores on her headboard. (Interrogations can be so tiring.) Since these two spend more time fighting sexual tension than chasing criminals, their scenes have a teasing playfulness that the director, Andrzej Bartkowiak, doesn’t overdo. Mr. Klein may be grievously miscast, but he rescues the movie from its overly earnest tone.

“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” .. Girls fight, flirt and flip their skirts.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Guess what i hav in this plastic bag..
i'm so surprise actually when my love giv permission 2 buy dis..huhu..
u noe wat..(m_ni s_irt) frm pop soda =)

candid..we wore MU jc..

i don't know wat should i do with all dis foods..
we r going to eat all dis rite dear??
4 da last k k k....hmm..

spend time together at KLCC Park..
we wore ARSENAL jc..the new one..

iklan ubt gg..smileeeeee..ngengengee..!!

he hungry already..but i forced him to take pic first..huhu..
see his weird but cute smile..hehehe =)

mine > nasi puteh + blackpaper seafood

him > nasi goreng pattaya special..
look delicious rite?? mmg bes pun..hhmmm nyuummmy nyuummmy..

da nite before i go back to Trg we went 2 KL downtown just to eat steamboat there..uhuhu..
bes gler..!!! SUKE SANGAT SANGAT!!!
thanx syg coz brought me there..
syida,my kazen n mushrif kwn papa surprise gler tgk ak mkn begitu byk..hehehe..

finally..16 cucuk..huhuu..

I spend about 3 days with my love and it was a nice moments to me..VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!!
7 March early in the morning i took bus to Trg and..i don't know when i can see him again..
thanx for everything,,i really appreciate it..
missing u..
take care..


finally i got this hand phone..
i chose the black one
honey,,u r MINE now..hehehe..

cool design..sporty beb..=)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009



very cool and nice design
sound BEST

NOKIA 6680

This is my handphone NOKIA 6680 and very2 old model.I got this hand phone from my beloved dad when i was 19 years old. So i used this phone about 2 years already. Now I think i want to buy a new hand phone to myself. I don't noe if I can hav it or not because i need to ask my dad first..=/ When my family get together, i always jeer by my cousins and my brother!!! they said "kak long punye telefon paling koman(hudus&ketinggalan zaman) geram!!! =/ Then 1 day...i decided to sms my dad and ask him to buy me new hand phone..

kak long : slm..ayah buat ape?ade kat umah ker?
ayah :,ayah kat umah.kenapa?xcukup duit ker?(usually i sms him to bnk in money 2 my acc)
kak long : xla..kak long rasa nak tukar telepon baru.leh x?dah lame pakai telepon nie..
ayah : ok
kak long : ha?betul ker ayah?bile ek?
ayah : balik umah dulu
kak long : baiklah..lallala (hepi gler)

after back home..
kak long,mak marah belila..=/ 6t ayah bank in duit kak long beli sendiri..

back to hostel a few days ago..(SMS ayah)
kak long : ayah, cmaner?jadi x beli hand phone baru kat kak long?
ayah : jadilah..bile nak beli?
kak long : esok ptg nak kuar bdr ngn kawan2..
ayah : ok,malam nanti ayah masuk duit..800 cukup?
kak long : ha?ermm tambah 100 lagi bleh dop?
ayah : ok.
kak long : time kasih ayah!!!sayang ayah sangat2!! =)

that's me..anak ayahla katakan..hehehe. My dad very2 sporting and understanding person even sometimes he is a very strict but he still can make a joke with me and my dearest brother, Najmi..
Thanks for my new hand phone..

p/s i wil post my new hp pic later..=) lalala..(in progress)

Tercipta Untukku..

You Hold a Special Place in My Heart...

menatap indahnya senyuman diwajahmu
membuat ku terdiam dan terpaku
mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku

banyak kata
yang tak mampu kuungkapkan
kepada dirimu

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
sepanjang hidupku

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku
ku ingin kau tau
kuslalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu
sepanjang hidupku

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku
ku ingin kau tau
kuslalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu..


Monday, 2 March 2009

the best way...


Hugs! A hug is an expression of caring. When someone is down, a hug can be comforting. When given to a pal or friend it means "you are someone I care about!"

When hugging a child, you are giving comfort that they are wanted, loved, cared for, and protected. ... same for an adult.

When you hug and hold someone you love, it is caring, it is love, it is belonging. Telling each other, this is where we belong, in each others arms. Comforting, feeling of security. Warmth, and a sense of peace.

When in love, a hug can be pure happiness. A release from anything else in life that might be bothering you. Because at that moment, when you are hugging, you are where you belong and everything is right.

Give Hugs!