Saturday, 31 January 2009

ntah pape...boring time..

me wit my cousins went to salem aziz textiles..they bought kain 4 themselves
n i juz snap2 pic..huhuhu..
me wore~
padini blouse,levis jeans.vincci shoes,handbag frm Momoe..

1 of my feveret shoes..

nana gave me dis cute keychain..thanx ya..!!

i bought dis when i went 2 shopping wit nana..(xplan pun nk nthler..)

lastly i bought dis black tudung..i luv liku2 manik..hehehe..

my life...

i don't noe wat 2 buy actually so, i took dis file..huhu..
i love dis watch..i bought it 4 my love..=)

i wore flowers blouse(blogshop)..
skinny jeans frm applemints..
handbag&sandal frm vincci..

my feveret..mcD it so much!!

~fibrous day~
very2 pening 2 settle about upu
all dis paper i must sent 2 da univercity dat i applied
1 day me n my fwen,nana working as 'tukg cOp' kat pghulu office coz of dis sijil2 yg nid pngesahn..=/
~tension time~

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


~taken by jalela on 22 jan 08 at mydin mall foyer~
jaa+cotton candy+eman
juz 3 of us

it's strange to think
i haven't seen u in a month
i have seen dnie everyday but not u..
i have seen tiha but not ur handsome face..
yes, i mis u..ONLY YOU..
~if distances was measured by our love, we'll never be apart..

jiwang time..=p

i nEed mOre..

dressing 2 clss..dat's i olwes wore 2 kurung,riau n samtimes kebaya..huhuhu..actually dis sem i did'nt hav a lot of clss 2 enter but..i don't noe y..i feel very2 busy..huhuhu..i love dis pink bj kurung damn much!!!usually every sunday most of my clssmates dressup chntEk2..nape erk??hmmmm...=p i nid more new bjU222..+++++

Monday, 26 January 2009

i'm sick..??

after bck home i'm not feeling well wit my tekak so i chckup myself in front of da mirrow n nganga luas2 my mulot..oh nO!!! it was samting there near my ank tekak..=/ then i went 2 ktchen n ask my mum wat is mum said maybe u gOt "tohsil" (am i rite?)hmmm then we went 2 hospital..there, a gatal dOc said i got t0psil n it quite big n mybe i mUst operate..=/ NO!NO!NO!,,,he suggested me to eat ice cream..n i luv it =)n i must take all da ubt2 everyday..ERYTHROMYCIN,PARACETAMOL N DIFFLAM GARGLE..huhuhu..demam timE..=/

my day not perfect witOut u..

"i can't live without eye liner" huhuhu..ystrdy i went 2 avOn butik wit my mum n she bought me a new liquid eye liner..=) thanx a lot mum!!! i tried 2 use it but it's nOt work properly..maybe i nid somone 2 teach me how 2 use it..huhuhu..but sincerly i tel u dat i'm reli reli hepi i had it in my hndbag..=)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

fUn timE!!!

~me witH mr aimaNfaizaL~
he camE 2 trg n we spEnt time 2gEther..i reli appreciatE it cyg..miss u damN mUch..=)
bOling timE!!!! yestrdy i hav nO cls so me,my cayang n my fwEnz went to DimaN sUperbOwL..sO mUch mUch mUch FUN therE..dh r ak xpbp pndai maen tp..huhuhu i'm da WINNER taw..mknenye dEpa yg laeN mmg sah2+cOnfirm xpndai lg hahaha..=)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

~to my swEethEart~

mE with my belovEd ..i luv him sO mUch..i'm olwes miss da time dat we had spent 2gether syg..aLL my drEams came trUe da day i mEt yOu..=)